NY COD Heating Oil

New York consumers take advantage of COD heating oil, also known as Cash on Delivery, to purchase fuel at the spot price of the day. 

With a COD delivery, consumers have the opportunity to pick and choose the day they would like their fuel delivered.  With the high cost of heating oil, most NY consumers are on a tighter budget than ever before.  There is no difference in the quality of heating oil whether purchasing fuel on a COD or automatic delivery.  COD heating oil gives the New York consumer the ability to purchase fuel at the lowest price possible. 

Most NY cash on delivery heating oil companies do not have service departments; therefore, they do not have the ability to offer service contracts.  Historically, these New York companies where much smaller than conventional full size service suppliers.  Pilgrim Oil Group has changed that perception by offering New Yorkers low price COD heating oil with the option of a service contract. 

Pilgrim Oil Group can offer New York consumers lower COD fuel prices because of its massive buying group power.  NY consumers can now take advantage of low COD oil prices the mom and pops use to offer, with the security of a major brand.  New York COD members are very satisfied with the new concept and are able to sleep easy knowing they have coverage. 

Pilgrim Oil Group, also known as oil for less, has been helping NY consumers purchase low price heating oil for over a decade.  Our ability to offer lower oil prices has helped us become one of the largest oil buying groups in the US.  Pilgrim is consistently evolving, adapting to the market, being ahead of the curve, so New York members are always receiving the best possible COD oil prices.

New York consumers are reminded that low COD prices are only one part of the equation, the other is service.  This does not seem to be an issue until a service problem arises; having a service contract is an essential component in your quest to save on heating oil.  One New York service call without a service contract changes the equation from to I could have saved to I saved. 

NY cash on delivery brought into the 21st century by a heating oil buying group with its member's best interest at the forefront.  Pilgrim is changing the face of the heating oil industry in New York, one COD delivery at a time.     

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